When you travel, you've got to try the local brew.

Kathleen had a bad accident.

I wish Sonny would help us more.

A protection system has been built into this circuit.


Galen believed that Tommy was personally responsible for the death of his father.

Shari didn't like the idea.

My head is swimming, so I'll try writing any-old stuff without any deep thought.

How can you doubt his word?

I met Mattias in Spain.

I don't need a car that big.

I'd never do anything so dangerous.


This place isn't convenient to public transportation.

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Do you have it by any chance?

That can happen sometimes.

I'm a sailor, you know.


It was obviously a joke.

I'm sorry to bother you, but we've got a small problem.

I met her one winter day.

Why don't you see for yourself?

The city was overtaken by the jungle and disappeared.

The information you gave me is of little use.

Shall I call for you in the morning?

More and more people offered to help.

The kids are driving me crazy.

I don't know if he's older or younger than me.

Classical liberalism deifies abstractions and objectifies humans.

The situation is out of control.

Saiid is lying in the hospital bed.

She adorned her dress with flowers.

I'd like to have a coffee.

You are lost, aren't you?

I always brush my teeth before I go to bed.

My dad is not at home for the moment.

We have to consider the problem more carefully.

I can't come over tonight.

Cathryn is a lot like me.

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I'll be in the office.

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I should've hit Kuldip while I had the chance.

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She was speechless.

The story is true. Only the names have been changed.

I was on the air for two hours yesterday.

I just don't believe you.

I'm allowing all attacks except on vital organs.

Move out of the way.

Whales flap their tails up and down and sharks from one side to the other.

Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris as a special negotiator.

My mother called me.


Kenneth took the key from the keychain and handed it to Sigurd. He was now the owner of her little house.


He and his wife both work and his salary is lower than hers, so no wonder he is a hen-pecked husband.

Representative democracy is one form of government.

He knows how to swim as fast as his brother.


I can't. It's too big.


The economy is bad.

Your generation thought sexuality was taboo.

My sister is too young to go to school.


Lucifer didn't know that Frederick understood French.

We all got together and bought Sonny a gift certificate for his birthday.


It is plain that he is wrong.

The fans watched him kick the ball into the goal.

I think I may know what this is all about.

Can any of this be true?

What's happening tonight?

His wife seems to be foreign.

They've released her.

He neglected to write her.

Mongo's wife loves to exhibit her jewelry.

Casper knew better than to say such a thing.


I can be very flexible.

Ravindran was nice to me.

You've been in a coma for three years, Renu.

She naturally sacrificed everything for the sake of raising her children.

It is not without risk to swim in this lake.

I'm just curious.

I'm not a member of the club.


Every teacher does their best.

I'll give her half of my share.

Gold doesn't rust.

What's Jose trying to hide?

Don't do it! It's stupid and dangerous.

I think we found the problem.

It wasn't my mistake.

That woman is much older than I am.

They are binding the gravel with cement to repair the road.


We must alter our plan.

Sharon's books have sold millions.

Why are you wearing a tux?

Looks like another nice day.

He smells bad.

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Find out if Sylvan has any relatives living in Boston.

Usually I get up at six, but today I got up at eight.

Where is the city hall?

Maybe Moore is trying to tell me something.

I was robbed of my purse.

Base jumping is an extreme sport.

Did you happen to see her yesterday?

Are you cooking tonight?

The job of a driver is not as easy as it looks.


It's very expensive.

I'm surprised to see you here.

We're turning back.

I think I'm being followed.

I'm not talking to Tai.

His quick temper will get him in trouble one day.

Here's the letter from him.

I'd like to tell you the truth.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who speaks French.

Don't leave everything to chance.

I know him for a man of ability.

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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step on you.

This is the first time I've ever corrected exam papers.

She likes the design on the plate.

I bet you're feeling really good right now.

Is the harmonica a present from his father?

"Are you friends with Christie?" "Yes, he's my roommate."

Hsuan finally answered.

I was washing my hair at 5 o'clock yesterday.

I think you may as well tell me.

Only the truth hurts.

She takes part in many school activities.

To tell the truth, I never did like Karen.

I love Basque.

I was convinced by his explanation.

Therefore, they cannot catalyze deregulation without "external pressure".

Keep next Sunday free.

Cheap meat doesn't make good soup.


We have to put up with a lot of noise when the children are at home.


Trying tends to be late for appointments.

My name is Shu.

Tal stared blankly into space.


You're not supposed to be back here.

Hi. How are you?

The foreign executives visited the manufacturing plant.

Did you know he bought a condominium?

I'm working again.

I don't have the authority to do that.

Morgan and Linder hang out together.

Are you trying to kill me?

Can we find accommodations at a hotel for tonight?


I want to buy a new computer.

The patient is in a deep coma.

Arlene has kept it a secret for all of these years.

I didn't sign up for this.

Give him a call.

I often feel homesick.

There was no slippage in the schedule.

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My father is getting bald.

Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.

They could not get loans to keep their businesses open.

Rainer lived in Japan for ten years.

Let me paint you a picture.

You never should've done that.

This wood won't burn.

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I was just looking for you guys.

I suppose you don't know who Pieter is.

Meeks instinctively backed away.

The doctor said that this malady is untreatable.

Your wife saw me and told you?

Get out of here before I call the cops.

It's something really embarrassing.

Happily, the workaholic did not die.

The scene made my stomach turn.

It has stopped raining.

The discount can't be used for all goods or at all restaurants.

Let me look for myself.

What are the symptoms of mushroom poisoning?


Jeff did just fine.

I have to be there.

This virus was engineered in a lab.

I got lucky.

You need to attach your photo to the application form.


Fool as he is, he knows how to make money.

Would close the door, please?

I'll never let you do that again.